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pasteurized cow's milk, rennet, salt


cylindrical with a high and straight heel with flat sides


smooth, white or straw-yellow colored with typical green/blue veins


from slightly spicy to pungent


The cheese

D.O.C. cheese produced in accordance with the standards described in the DPR No. 1269 of 30/10/1995, and recognized by the EC as a "PDO" product through the EEC Regulation No1107/96 of 12/6/1996. Gorgonzola is a blue-veined straw-yellow cheese made from cow’s raw milk, curdled at 28-32 °C with veal rennet. To produce a wheel of about 12 kg it takes nearly 100 kg milk. The preparation is done by stratification using cooled-down curds. After a few days, the cheese is salt-cured and this dry curing goes on for several days at a temperature of 18-20 °C. Cheese ageing, which lasts two or three months, is carried out in a humid environment at 2-4 °C. During maturation, the wheels are pierced several times to enhance the growth of the pennicillium strains, which are crucial for the formation of the typical green/blue veins of Gorgonzola (marbling). In a simple slice of gorgonzola there’s a wealth of high biological value proteins. Rich in minerals such as calcium, iron and phosphorus, Gorgonzola is a complete, balanced and highly digestible food, which ensures a balanced and natural nutrition for our body functions. Chemical and microbiological analyses have uncovered a gold mine of nutritional values.Read more...

The raw material

Through the years, our craftsmanship has remained unchanged because Mario Costa continues the tradition of the past with passion and believes in the importance of raw material.

Cow is the queen of Gorgonzola production.
It always comes from well selected farms belonging to D.O.P. supply chain.
Several audits upon arrival of milk guarantee the absolute excellence of the raw material used.

Milk is preheated and pasteurized: this process makes the product more homogeneous and destroys pathogenic germs. Inside Mario Costa even this phase is developed using “recovery heat” that guarantee significant energy savings. The whole cheese production is developed according to highest hygiene regulations.

Cheese making: the five key steps

Cheese making: the five key steps

i segreti di un prodotto di successo


a successful product