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Mario Costa during new production plant construction, made of innovative architectural solutions and applied technologies, it wanted to confirm its green philosophy.
Beginning from energy production systems to satisfy production plant energy needs, new high payload water and refrigerator power systems have been built, a heat plant with a power unit working with GNL has been built able to produce hot water; a three-generation system made of a co-generator working with GNL able to produce 140 kW/h of electric power and 210 kW/h of heat power.
It’s just the fuel that feed plant heat power systems differentiating MARIO COSTA from other cheese farms: the choise of using GNL (liquefied natural gas) to feed heat power systems can benefits company of fuel specific advantages like reduced environmental impact, due to efficent and clean fuel source, with much lower CO2 and NOx emissions respect other fuels and total lack of sulphur dioxide (SO2) as well as a significative cost reduction.
Thanks to GNL application for fuel supply both for the burner of hot water power system as for the co-generator, the plant reduce drastically ground and water pollution risks.