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gorgonzola and mascarpone

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Mascarpone 2 Kg

“Dolcificato Costa con mascarpone”: soft-past cheese, double creamy, produced with alternated Gorgonzola and mascarpone layers. Parallelepiped shape with rectangular base about 1,2 kg or 2,2kg. rindless, white color, soft paste with grey blue veins from Gorgonzola in alternated layers. Texture creamy in mascarpone layers, compact in Gorgonzola layers without holes. alternated colored layers, mascarpone layers colored from white to yellowish, Gorgonzola layers colored from white to yellowish with typical green veins. Flavour: Gorgonzola slightly spicy, mascarpone sweet; two flavours perfectly balanced.

Project by Atelier51 - Novara