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The origins of the Costa factory outlet are lost in the mists of time

As it always has been by tradition, adjacent to a dairy factory there is a place where customers can buy fresh “zero-mile” products.

Mario Costa is no exception to this practice as he, right from the start of his business, decided to sell his dairy products at a store nearby his factory. Originally, sales were made just to his friends in an informal way. However, since 1932, Costa has made this service available to the entire community that can now purchase and enjoy the company’s fresh dairy products at its a state-of-the-art “Costa Outlet" located in Corso Vercelli 3, Novara, Italy.

Initially situated in the same building as that of production, the outlet was later on moved and converted into a dedicated space that would not just offer Costa products, which at first included other dairy products besides Gorgonzola, but also display a personal selection of local products of excellence and more.

Thus, in a short time, the outlet became a "meeting” point of sale, where customers had the chance to see with their own eyes all incoming raw ingredients and witness first-hand all manufacturing processes and product selection taking place at the Costa factory.

In the following years, the Costa Outlet and the courtyard of the dairy factory also served as venues for countless events, such as when a large crowd of Scuderia Ferrari Club members showed up to purchase a huge amount of Gorgonzola!

The constant growth of the Costa business then led to a further expansion of its retailing activities, now requiring a full-time commitment. For this reason, upon careful evaluation, in the early 2000s the Costa family decided to entrust the management of its outlet to the Dutto family, renowned entrepreneurs in the food sector.

Right from the start, the Duttos distinguished themselves for their dedication and outstanding expertise accrued over the years in the selection, slaughter and sale of selected meat. Thanks to the combined expertise of the two families, the Costa Outlet was finally turned into a modern point of sale, making convenience and quality its central focus.

Currently, the new Costa Outlet boasts the entire Costa production alongside any type of meat products. In this outlet, customers can also find a careful selection of other dairy and local products, such as the famous Novara "Camporelli" biscuits.
The Costa Outlet, located along one of the main access roads to Novara, offers all the most typical products of the Piedmont territory at an affordable price, whose quality is guaranteed by the families that so passionately dedicate themselves to bringing them to your table.

Project by Atelier51 - Novara