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pinkish in color with gray and sage green light mold patches, its rind is thin and soft.


is uniform and compact, softer under the rind and at the end of the aging process, more crumbly at the center of the round.


is sweet with a hint of tartness, slightly aromatic, sometimes with a truffle aftertaste.


can go from white to yellowish, with a few tiny holes.


Taleggio is a cheese of ancient origins, maybe dating earlier than the 10th century.
In this regard, some documents, dating back to 1200, have been found to describe the trading and exchanges of Taleggio. The area of origin is thought to be the Val Taleggio, hence the name of the cheese, a valley located in the province of Bergamo.

Since milk production in this area was exceeding the needs for direct human consumption, local people thought about producing cheese out of the leftover milk, rounds of which, once aged in "caves" or in mountain huts, could be exchanged with other products or sold at local markets.

As evidence of its origins, Taleggio was first recognized as DO (Designation of Origin) cheese in accordance with D.P.R. 09/15/1988, and then PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) cheese pursuant to EC Regulation 1107/96

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