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Find our labeling and recyclability policy here: https://www.granarolo.it/etichettatura


The Gorgonzola of the Mario Costa cheese factory is produced with the same care, love and dedication of nearly one hundred years ago, with special emphasis on the hygiene of milk processing. In this regard, the company has been awarded the BRC and IFS standards (version 4) introduced by major retailers operating on a national and international scale.
These standards are reliability guarantees also recognized by foreign countries that answer the fundamental question "Is the manufacturer able to meet all the legal requirements and to provide a safe product in every aspect?" The careful monitoring conducted by Audit once a year ensures the implementation of a quality management system, the control of the workplace and suppliers, waste disposal, hygiene processes and human resources. Above all, Mario Costa strongly supports the "Made in Italy" and the old Italian food tradition, starting from its main feature: quality.
Recently, our company, in line with its green philosophy, has chosen LNG to power its updated production process. Since LNG is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy source due to its much lower CO2 and NOX emissions, Mario Costa has been granted the zero-emission Certification (0E) in compliance with the requirements of UNI EN ISO 14064.

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