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that joins Mario Costa...

born in 1893, founder of the company of the same name, and Davide and Federica Fileppo Zop,
today passionate guardians of a dairy art that since then has been the basis of a company philosophy that finds its perfect synthesis in the Dolcificato Costa.
A century has passed since Mario Costa founded his dairy in 1919, starting the business in a Vinzaglio farmhouse, where, with a love for quality and authenticity, he began to produce Gorgonzola Costa.

Dolcificato Costa Gran Riserva


for the future... since 1924

Mario Costa decided in 1919 that he would "try to make" Gorgonzola. And from that experiment arose the company that, still today, hands down its name and values. In the twenties Mario imagined and realized the revolution that made him famous: "To make a different product, softer and sweeter, for everyone, even for ladies. Less rustic, in short". This is how Costa's Dolcificato was born and in 1924 at the Milan Cheese Show it was awarded the highest honor. The success of Dolcificato grew and launched a flavor that a hundred years later is still the favorite of consumers in Italy and abroad. In 1999 there is the need to add to the historical brand "Dolcificato Costa" a further selection of products.


We believe in

Mario Costa, in its traditional desire to always look ahead, has decided to proceed with the voluntary certification of its conferring stables. The safety of the food chain is directly related to animal welfare, especially in the case of animals bred for food production, given the close links between living conditions, animal health and foodborne diseases.

Beyond the table

Beyond the table...

19 October 2021

Interview with Federica Fileppo Zop on clal.it

Mario Costa: the commitment to perfecting a PDO https://news.clal.it/it/mario-costa-limpegno-nel-perfezionare-una-dop-intervista-federica-fileppo-zop/

19 October 2021

Three Gold Medals at the San Lucio Trophy

Great joy at Mario Costa's company for this triumph! Three gold medals for being ranked first in the category "Sweet Gorgonzola DOP" with the Dolcificato Gran Riserva, in the category "Herbal goat's milk" with the Capretta Blu, and finally in the category "Flavored cheeses" with Bruno Costa al Tartufo. It’s with great pride that we [...]

19 October 2021

Mario Costa becomes partner of INGREDIENTS

We are proud to have become partners of this interesting and unprecedented initiative: INGREDIENTS. What is “Ingredients”? It’s the project of Sacco System, a business network and biotech pole for food, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical innovation, formed by Caglificio Clerici, Sacco, Centro Sperimentale del Latte and Kemikalia which for 150 years have been promoting good nutrition [...]

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